this is a written new age account of my meditations and the affirmations/information (afo's) that are accessed from them.

Monday, September 25, 2006

'i am new saviour'

last week i seemed to not be using my afo's so much during meditation - why? dunno, perhaps i've moved on. but no, over the weekend, i reconnected again using 'i am new saviour.' unusal to revisit an afo, but it was powerful and so perhaps there was some unfinished business connected with it.

'i am new saviour'

over the weekend, unusally, i had a repet afo come through - 'i am new saviour.' i worked with it fine this time around.

Monday, September 18, 2006

'i am new surrender'

'i am new surrender' feels like the return of an old afo, but perhaps it isn't - anyway, no images, but i get the feeling its associated with the shaft of light that hit me on friday - probably its to do with the changes that happens after such events, so during my meditations i'm during my best to surrender to the light, leaving it to effect changes and transformations as appropriate.

'i am new substitute'

'i am new substitute' came through on saturday. no image came with it - and i didn't really get a good feel about what it meant. nevertheless, i accepted it and worked with it.

on friday, during a meditation i had a shaft of light come through and hit me on the lefthandside of the face.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

'i am new survivor'

'i am new' survivor came through as a new afo yesterday. this connection appears to be from another reality, how it fits in i don't know, but it feels right to me, so i'll be working wiht it.

'i am new saviour' as you can imagine, is a very strong afo to use. it brings all kinds of stuff up and has tough implications, but i successfully acccepted and worked with it. this process was made esaier on saturday night, when during a meditation i felt a connection to a native american guide i felt encountered during a sweat lodge ceremony. this time around, this energy appeared to come in and cleanse some negativity from my awareness, and afterwards and since, i've seemed to find my cleansing work easier, almost effortless at times.

last night for instance, i focused upon an image i received almost year ago now, of a piece of pale peach silk that arrived shortly after i'd been initiated into the knowledge of the peach ray of light. the work i did last night seemed to clearer than when compared to last year.

Monday, September 04, 2006

'i am new saviour'

'i am new presence' lasted into the weekend, but it made way for a new afo after an important shift yesterday. for years i've been aware of an energy linked into me at the base of the spine - probably brought over with me from the other side, but after dawn yesterday, and while i was barely awake, i saw it in my minds eye for the first time. it appeared as a kinda mythical creature, golden and in white light. as i saw the vision, instantly it left me - i felt it go from my lower back. it went via my wife, who was still asleep, so thanks darling for agreeing to help me in this way (subconciously). the area around my lower back felt almost sore for a while after, but this is normal after such a strong release from past experience.

afterwards, i mediatated, and 'i am new saviour' appeared. no image accompanied with new afo, but as a portent during semi-lucid dreams last week, i found suggestions from certain energies i've apparently agreed to help, that 'it wouldn'tbe long now.' i took this as a sign that these energies would shortly be moving through my conciousness, and so it was last night. i was fortunate enough to receive a cleansing via a positive and peaceful energy that i communicated with. i've probably been in touch with this energy for a while now, but last night it was more real and apparent for me - the energy drew close, and with my mind i meditated upon making a connection with it, and this was enough for energies linking in with me to be transferred to it. sweetness itself!

spookily enough, mid-morning i went round to my parents house to pick up some garden chairs in preparation for the bbq to be held later, and while rearranging the seats in the back of the car, i managed to trap my foot behind the drivers seat while stepping out (backwards). because my foot was trapped, i had no choice but to fall backwards, and in doing so took a heavy fall directly onto a gravelled surface in the lower back region. my spine hurt like hell for a moment and i feared the worse, but gradually i realised i'd be ok and no serious damage was done. however, back home an hour later, i was obviously still shook up and my lower back was feeling tender and sore. i decided to do some self-healing, and intuitively, i saw a needle in my minds eye entering between some of the vertebrae in my lower back - as it entered, i saw a massive release of energy take place, like steam being released from a valve on an old steam engine - you know the kinda thing i'm talking about. anyway, i instantly felt my whole lower back relax. the next day, i awoke and found my back was ok and nowhere as tender as i feared it might be. nice one.

Monday, August 28, 2006

'i am new presence'

'i am new presence' came thorugh this morning. as i thought, i've finished for the time being with the ants. had a bbq at a relations yesterday, great time - including murdering some classic tunes on the karaoke! cleansed an entity at their house. feeling connected and positive upon waking, had some good shifts, then 'i am new presence' came through. perhaps its becuase of the house clearing work i'd done earlier, but this afo has a blessing quality associated with it - and so i used it to bless our relations - perhaps they've been affected by the presence of the entity in their house, and just needed some brightening with light.

'i am royal presence'

'i am royal presence' actually arrived 2 days ago, during a cleansing meditation. again, it seems i working with ant type multidimensional beings. later on, i saw the being being transformed, part of its face began to turn golden - i imagine i'll be moving on from the ants after this - this aspect looks like its movin through my consciousness now.

Friday, August 25, 2006

'i am royal command'

'i am royal command' came through as an afo this morning while meditating - an image accompanied it, that of a multi-dimensional 'ant' type being, dressed in finery and surrounded by white light. not surprised to see this. went to the Walshingham Shrine yesterday with my wife, and i channelled a pale purple/lilac light there, accessed through my wife. the lilac light came through a beam intially that immediately surrounded her (all this was in my mind's eye during a mediatation as i gave her healing) and as it did i saw that it was a transforming and healing light. she changed into a ant-type being, from the medieval period, similar to the one that i encountered today in my meditation. after a short while, i asked that this healing ray be made available to visitors of the shrine. sweet!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

'i am universal command'

had an interesting time in the early hours last night, awaking and meditating to find a cleansing was required of a supernatural energy associated with the image of a native american i'd found in the loft over the weekend. it was a poster of a photograph taken of a native american male in the late 19th century - he stares out powerfully from the poster at you. anyway, i realised there was a supernatural aspect attached that required cleansing, so i cleansed this through my conciousness as usual, amongst other things. after, 'i am universal command' came through as a new afo - as with its predecessor, its has great transformational properties.

'i am new command'

'i am new command' arrived during a cleansing meditation - it was accompanied by an image of a white robed bearded man who asserted order by his presence. i'd had some other afo's come througth which i'd ignored as they didn't seem the real deal, but 'i am new command' instantly felt right.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

'i am new clarity'

me and the wife were on our way back from visiting the seaside when 'i am new clarity' arrived as a new afo. this afo came from my wife in my minds eye - who appeared light and free of negativity. the cleansing that resulted from this afo was very powerful.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

'i am new destiny'

'i am new destiny' came in during a mediatation before i went to sleep last night. i was aware i'd used the word destiny in my blog that day, so i was a bit suspicious that maybe it was just a thought coming in from the days events, rather than a genuine afo. i ignored it for a bit and carried on with 'i am new dynasty', but quickly i found i wasn't getting the same connection as usual and decided to switch to 'i am new destiny' which resumed the normal service!

it feels and sounds like i've moved into a new phase, one ends, another begins - such is the cycle of life and rebirth. i'm feeling optimistic and looking forward to exciting times ahead - gotta b!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

'i am new regime.' and 'i am new dynasty'

'i am new regime' came through on monday morning during an early mediatation. this afo again materialised while in a cleansing as before in the previous. this time, i saw an aspect of myself raised into light, which was holding onto/tolerating negativity. as soon as i saw this, 'i am new regime' came through.

'i am new dynasty' came through yesterday evening. no image accompanied this afo and i was unsure what the meaning was behind this new afo. later on today, while using and working with this afo, my earthly father came through and gave me a gift/message - it seemed to be in the form of an initiation - like he kinda flicked a switch for me. obviously we agreed to do this for each other in another time and place, but its made me excited to think that we have fulfilled part of our destiny and reason for being in this dimension. cushti!

Monday, August 14, 2006

'i am new king'

'i am new king' arrived as my new afo during a cleansing. i woke up and found myself already in the cleansing process - in my minds eye, i was close to a sacred mountain-top standing on golden pan-tiles, next to me was a negative entity, standing where the tile ended on barren, dark surroundings. i never ask any details of how these situations arise, but it was clear to me this particular one represented a further transformation of my consciousness. usually, these days - when entities are revealed, their transformations happen automatically, and this one was no exception. obviously, the entity wanted to communicate and take me into a darker space where it thought it could control me - so i found myself being taken into the mountain where it was darker, but even as this happened, i found myself being taken out into light, because the entity had become frozen by the gaze of my presence through connecting to me(kinda like rabitts in headlights). i found myself in light, although still feeling under threat for some reason, then ' i am new king' turned up and smoothed it all out - doubt can be a problem when cleansing. i checked to see where the entity was, and it has already moved on into lighter layers. nice one!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

'i am great god' & 'i am new god'

following on from the new and great afo's of yesterday, they were reversed this morning upon waking and beginning meditation with the arrival of 'i am great god.' obviously, my rational mind has a hard job accepting this kind of thing about myself, but i learned over the years to go with it - we have to claim our power and birthright somehow! i view this type of afo as a recognition of the development of my personality and i think it suggests/reflects positive change at other levels of reality.

'i am new god' - no images, but it confirms my earlier assertion, that my connection to light is good at the moment and transformation is occuring -i was much happier accepting this afo.

'i can't remember'

sometimes this happens - i can't remember what the afo's were, especially if there is alot of activity with afo's coming and going relatively quickly, so i'm sorry - but the afo's that came in yesterday have gone from my memory. however, i do know the afo's went in sequence from 'i am new ....?' to 'i am great....?'

also, the connection is good at the moment and i pleased with how things are going.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

'i am new guide' & 'i am new guest'

what a week of activity - its strange how some weeks i only have one afo to work with, and then in others there's too many to keep track of! Perhaps, the new moon has played a part - its been low, big and bright on the horizon all week. i feel energsied by it all - so no complaints.

yesterday morning before work, 'i am new guide' arrived as the new afo during meditation. i see this as a good indication that my connection to light is clearer and stronger - no image accompanied its arrival.

'i am new guest' came forward while i was cleansing at work. rationally, i didn't like the word association, and for a while i wrestled with a thought that didn't want to accept this new afo, but i know by now i have to work with my afo's wholeheartedly, this one being no exception.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

'i am golden bear' etc.

after taking some sunset pictures yesterday evening, on the way back home 'i am golden bear arrived'. this afo was accompanied by an image of a brown bear - however, i didn't get the same connection as usual, and eventually this changed into 'i am new bear.' i'm still not satisfied by this, and i feel something is blocking me though.

today, i still feel some disconnection and also tiredness, even after a good nights sleep. as the day went by, i gradually began to feel more connected and have some energy again. feeling positive again, i'm sure that something isn't quite right, and eventually an image of a golden stylised lion in white light came into my awareness. i asked for this to be cleansed and 'i am new tiger' came forward. this afo didn't really present as an image, so i simply used it to cleanse the lion image/connection, ascending it into light. feeling good and like my old self again.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

'i am new lion'

'i am new lion' happened on the way to work this morning. i was mediatating and working with 'i am light' when a male lion in white light arrived an image with the new afo. i began working with 'i am new lion' - first concentrating upon the image of the lion, which resulted in energy releases and cleansings, then ending up with the lion overshadowing me as if i was the lion. intuitively, i see this introduction as a further enhancement of my potential to act as a guide.

'i am golden lion' came in during the day, when i hit an energetic low point - it helped to bring me back up again. again this afo was accompanied by an image.